Quinag and Studio Borlenghi. Defining the rules of engagement.

Between June and September 2016, Quinag worked on developing the Instagram strategy for Studio Borlenghi, one of the world’s most renowned sailing photography studios, led by the legendary Carlo Borlenghi. During this four-month period, Quinag helped their client achieve some impressive results.

An award winner

Throughout an illustrious career, Carlo Borlenghi has covered every sailing event worth its salt, from the America’s Cup to the Volvo Ocean Race through to the Olympic Games and Rolex’s yachting portfolio. His expertise extends beyond the sporting element of the water world. Carlo works extensively in the general marine and shipbuilding industry, often turning simple photographs and concepts into thought-provoking works of art. 

Carlo’s accomplishments include winning the “Grand Prix Professional de la photo de Mer,” organised by the French Chamber of Commerce in 1986 and Grand Prix de l’Image Course au Large” at the Salon Nautique in Paris in 2007. He was named best Italian Sport Photographer in 2003, and again in 2007 received recognition “for the years he has dedicated to the sailing world” from the then President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano. He has exhibited throughout Europe from his ‘Winds and Sails’ exhibition in Paris (2007) to a showcase of his career’s work at the Spazio Dream Factory in Milan (2015).

Carlo’s illustrious career was recently the subject of a dedicated episode of CNN’s Main Sail show.

A wider audience

Under Carlo’s leadership Studio Borlenghi has always sought to be at the forefront of marine photography, keeping abreast not just of the advancements in camera technology and equipment, but also the means of displaying its craft to as broad a public as possible.

Instagram is a natural platform for a photographic studio. Building a presence that illuminates material and resonates with existing and new audiences requires a clear strategy. Studio Borlenghi was keen to tap into Quinag’s rich understanding of the yachting industry, its social media prowess and its expansive contact database of influencers, media and industry personalities.

Five steps to success

After reviewing past activity and determining fresh objectives, Quinag’s initial action was to define five foundation steps with aim of doubling the Studio’s Instagram presence.

These steps were:

  1. Content. Put in place a dedicated content/editorial calendar to guarantee regular, relevant posting around themes and consistent topics for different days of the week.
  2. Timing. Adapting to the behaviour of diverse international audiences by posting content at different times of day and the week to find the ‘sweet spots’.
  3. Reach. Creating engaging captions and targeted hashtagging to improve the reach of each post and achieve greater synergy between the visual content and accompanying words.
  4. Influencers. Identifying fellow influencers in the industry, becoming part of their conversation and encouraging the sharing posts and content.
  5. Campaigns. Running dedicated mailing campaigns integrated with the Instagram feed to showcase the Studio’s work on different projects. An approach designed to allow media to create stories around its work and securing promotion back to the feed.

Exceeding Expectations

Quinag’s strategy ensured Studio Borlenghi not only doubled their audience, but achieved much more impressive figures.

  • Quinag increased Studio Borlenghi’s number of followers from 2,800 to over 10,000.
  • The average likes for a Studio Borlenghi post soared from 176 to 700.
  • Total number of monthly likes per post rose from 2,640 to in excess of 16,000.

Studio Borlenghi on Quinag

“We are really enjoying working with Quinag because they understand our work, our passion, our approach. We have collaborated closely on all editorial ideas and themes. Their dedicated approach, creative and personal touch has bought very encouraging results and we look forward to growing our audience, and sharing our work to the widest possible audience.”